During all the Art and handicraft classes you will have the possibility to create, experiment and immerse yourself in art. We set the imagination and the creative element in motion.

These lessons can be useful in art or pedagogic studies later on.


Drawing and Watercolor



Pottery workshop

Land Art

Mixed media

The printing house

Moving pictures

Independent art project

Handmade knives

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The Global Music classes all build on energy and joy for music – an African groove, samba-reggae, blues, country or folk songs – you will learn the feeling of the different genres and the skills to play an instrument will come along.



African music

Nordic music



The 4 corners of the world

Street music


Music knowledge

From people to peole

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When you travel with Brenderup Højskole you’re not just traveling to see the world – you’re going to participate in the world. The Travel Class is ideal for you, if you really want to get to know the people you meet out there, and you will get a deep insight into their culture.

Your travel begins the moment you walk in our door. At Brenderup Højskole you will meet an international environment with people and input from all over the world.

Our travel class leaves to Nepal twice a year.

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All of the classes about Danish language and culture is for you who wants to learn Danish or if you have Danish as your second language. Since you live at the school, you are constantly trained in the language and challenged to use what you have learned in the Danish classes

Regardless your skills in Danish, this is the opportunity to learn more of the language and to get to know the Danish culture.

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The classes in Global Understanding are all based on the meeting between young people from around the world. Your life and your interests will be seen in the light of other eyes.
This challenges your prejudices and gives you a new perspective – a great boost to start an anthropology study later.

Indigenous people – human rights


World issues at debate

Travel the world

Climate changes – what can I do?

Sustainability – energy

Sustainability – The dream society

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During all of the Upcycling Design classes the challenge will be to create unique, useful and personal products out of used materials. To reach this you will have the possibility to develop your creativity and your sense of shapes and colors.

Clothes and costumes

Furniture and pallets

Baskets and bags in textile

Print on textile

Upcycling rubber

Willow, bark and rubber

Handmade paper

Sweater surgery

Weaving in different materials

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During the classes in sports, outdoor activities and health you have the opportunity to strengthen both your physical and mental health.

The activities will develop you as a person and give you the energy to an active daily life.

Climbing and orienteering

Slow food

Outdoor fitness



Bonfire and camp life



First Aid

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