You will meet the world in Brenderup
Literally we have dragged the world into Brenderup Højskole. At our place you can meet young people from all over the world. The teaching is build on this difference. Your life and your interests will be seen in the light of others eyes. This moves your prejudices and gives you a new kind of perspective. Your intercultural skills will develop and your stay at our højskole gives you a boost towards a study in anthropology. A stay at Brenderup Højskole is also an excellent starting point for a travel or volunteering. Some classes are only taught in English and the rest of the classes are taught in both Danish and English.

Specific classes in Global understanding and cultural identity:

Indigenous people – human rights
How majority population are dealing with minority groups. Examples from around the world. Parallels to our own culture. UN declaration.

Ongoing conflicts of today, history and background, political interests, world society’s efforts to stop the conflict, conflict resolving

World issues at debate
North/South challenges. Economical migration. Drugs. Trafficking.

Travel the world
Backpacker. Volunteer worker/earning money. Health when away. Preparation for another culture. Organizing your trip.

Climate changes – what can i do
Facts on present situation. Global challenges. Local solutions. Adjust or change lifestyle. The ”fear” industry. My life beyond oil

Sustainability – Energy
A debate class – Innovations in energy, the climate debate, the energy consumption of the højskole.

Sustainability – The Dream Society
Democracy, community, equality, welfare…. The concepts are presented/illustrated through stories, prose and movies and will be targeted through small DIY projects.