Brenderup Folk High School is a contemporary Danish folk high school. It was founded – in what was formerly Old Brenderup Inn – in 1986, with specific emphasis on International Peace Studies.

In this new millennium, however, the scene for peace work has changed. Globalization, the shift in world power away from Cold-War bilateralism, the emergence or re-emergence of national players on the world scene, and the increasing ambiguity of national borders. These are but a few of the conditions that have changed in contemporary peace work.

Here at Brenderup Folk High School we believe that, if there is but one precondition for the effort for peaceful coexistence in the world, it must surely be the unbiased interaction of people from different cultural backgrounds.
This is why it is crucial for us to welcome students such as yourself from other parts of the world to our school.
It is in the meeting with that which is different from ourselves that we may deepen our understanding of ourselves. And self-understanding is the backbone of peaceful coexistence with others.

As host for a learning experience for Danish young people and those from other countries, Brenderup Folk High School continues the tradition of the folk high school in keeping with the ideals of its founders. Brenderup Folk High School offers an exchange of life experience, ideas and viewpoints among people from different cultures, building on responsibility to the community and respect for the individual.