Song, team building, lectures / stories cultural evenings

The Folk High School Songbook is important to us at Brenderup. We sing every day when we have our morning assembly. Every week we have singing classes and music class often get us to hum along. The song opens up presence in the community – lyrics and melodies reveal new layers of the importance of using them often.

Team-building activities put your interpersonal skills to a test – you will be aware of your strengths and gain insight to where you have something to work on. Your ideas to solve a specific task can often be refined, and with help from the group, the cooperation may move mountains (almost!).

You get good stories and interesting lectures by the teachers of the school. They have interesting things to say and they are eager to tell about it.

By the weekly cultural evening you will be introduced to food from other places in the world, different dances and games and music and language with a “skewed” sound. You are here to help us to show the uniqueness of your culture and you get a ton of impressions from other people’s cultures.

The Project week gives you the ability to work independ-ently with a self-selected topic in art, music, design, dance, theater, film, photography, technology, etc.

You will gain insight into the work flow from conception to description and implementation of the project. During this process, you get the guidance of a teacher. In the end of the project week we make a presentation of our projects.

Basically we plan feature days / weeks where it fits in during the semester. It is a project where all the students collaborate on a project. For example a theater project or an art or a decoration job. Feature Days can also be days when we go on trip to see something that has relevance to what we working with.