Skolekredsen (School Association):

is the highest authority at Brenderup. The association is a member-driven organisation, and Skolekredsen elects the board at the annual general assembly. The association is made up by former students, local citizens and friends of the school and has about 75 members.

Membership is 50 DKK. Then you are kept informed about what is going on at the school and you’re invited to the annual general assembly on the first saturday in may. We need inspiration, good advise, critical voices and ideas from the world outside. And we need you to spread the word to friends and family. So join the Skolekredsen, we can benifit from each other.

The Board:

  • Karen Eldridge (chair) – member since 1994
  • Henning Andreasen – member sincen 2009
  • Anne Grethe Hertzum – member since 2001
  • Kent Bauer – member since 2003
  • Finn Krogh – member since 2006
  • Anette Christoffersen – member since 2011
  • Kurt Kjærgaard – member since 2012
  • Pia Rasmussen (alternate) – member since 2012