Human well-being depends on many factors and at Brenderup School we attach importance to a number of lessons that gives you opportunities to strengthen both the physical and your mental health. The schedulecontains several offers of exercise.

Close to Brenderup you have the forest and the beach, which is used in outdoor classes and with climbing tower, boulder wall and fireplace in the school garden we have a line up for a challenge in the open.

You can practice yoga, dance, learn about first aid and get right down in pace with relaxation exercises and massage. Instruction develops you as a person and gives you the inputs to an active life.

High speed or relaxation, in or out. The choise is yours: Specific classes:

Climbing and orienteering
Security procedures. Climbing the tower and trees. Climbing Technique. Abseiling. Equipment Knowledge. Map and compass. Where you can go?

Seasonal food
Fruit, berries and vegetables are picked / collected and prepared.

Different kinds of massages .. stretching and relaxation. Foot bath and natural cosmetics.

Warm-up. Improving stroke technique. Play close exercises. Tactical understanding. Rule Knowledge. Matches.

Bonfire and camp life
Simple bonfires. Bracket for a pot. Storm proof stoves. Hygiene in the outdoors. Roasting / cooking / baking in the open. 5 good recipes. basic Knots.

Cycling and walking
Bike rides to the beach … find fossils. Bike rides to the art house. Walk by Hindsgavl

Thoughts on a walk
Socratic dialogue. Questions about philosophy of life. Walks. Presence in the conversation.

Ball games in many ways
Warm-up. Ball and fun. Bouncer ball. Floor hockey. Ultimate. Basketball.

Catch the moment
Attention to the present, concentration exercises, descriptions of the experienced will be converted into images or poems

We warm-up with fun and different sports activities. After wards we go for a run, followed by strength training in the garden.

Sweat on the forehead and we lose a few kg. We work hard in the gymnasium.

The class is divided into a warm-up session. Afterward we work with various positions in a way that we will work through the whole body. The class is completed by relaxation.

First Aid
First Aid Principles by all kinds of accidents, cardiac arrest, traffic accidents, sprain, electrical accidentsetc. – Theoretical and practical exercises