The study trip is an important part of the academic content in every semester. Without this trip we would not really be able to call ourselves the international meeting of cultures.

At the study trip we visit a metropolis in Europe. We have previously visited Berlin, Barcelona and Istanbul. We are away for 5-7 days and return home with a backpack full of experiences. Cultural exchange, art, music, architecture, history, experiences, inspiration and community are key words for our study trip. Together we will travel to a city to explore and familiarize with a city’s history and culture.

Curiosity, the search for language comprehension and way of living in another country starts many weeks before departure. Together, we plan the trip and acquaint our self with history, music and art in the country.

To move around in a city, to use the public transport and learn to use the cultural offers in the city. This is one of the goals by the choice of a metropolis.

But not least the experience and inspiration that we bring back home for new art projects, designs or to new tracks. This is very significant. The journey is a combination of tours together, presentations and experiences with afternoons and evenings off, where you on your own can explore the culture of a metropolis.