Build your own schedule

At Brenderup Højskole you will find a wide range of subjects. We give you the possibility to choose between many subjects in one certain group or you have the possibility to choose widely between all the subjects – it’s all up to you. Immerse yourself or try something new!

You can freely choose the subjects you want to have. Normally we divide a semester into 3 periods. In each period you have to choose 5 or 6 different subjects. All together you have the possibility to participate in 15 to 18 different subjects.

The periods in each semester are divided by the study trip and a project week. The main part of the subjects are offered both in the spring and the fall. At our web page you will have the possibility to see the current schedule.

During the weekends you will normally have the time off. Though we most of the time offers some kind of activity during the weekend. Some times it is one of the teachers having a great idea or maybe the students arrange something on their own. There will be mandatory classes Monday and Wednesday night – the other activities or offers you choose on your own.

Click the subjects on the frontpage or from the menu, to get a full description.

Example of a week schedule with A, B, C and D group classes and other activities.

More than 65 different classes

Ball games in many ways
Sustainability: The Dream Society
Sustainability: Energy
Climate changes – what can I do
Walking and bicycle tours
Danish Language and Culture exchange
Danish Language by reading
Danish Movies
The 4 corner of the world
The Danish Welfare Society
Catch the moment
Photo and words
From people to people
First Aid
Street music
Recycling Design: Independent project
Recycling jewelery
Global Music – African Music
Global Music – Latin American
Global Music – Reggae etc.
Rubber and Recycling
Haiku poems
Handmade paper
Indigenous People – Human rights
The Ceramic Workshop
Climbing and Orienteering
Knife making
Creative writing
Art Appreciation
Baskets and bags in textiles
Land Art
Living pictures/Moving Pictures
Lyrics and pictures
Bonfire and Camp Life
Artistic Independent Project
Music Knowledge
Furniture – Recycling design
Nordic Music
Phrasebook Danish – Danish for
Willow, bark and rubber
Kill a Sweater
Craftsmanship in the open
Thoughts on a walk
Drawing and Water color
Travel the World
The Printing House
Clothes – Re-designing
World issues at debate
Seasonal Food